A Complete Beginner’s Guide to Understanding Digital Assets

Cryptocurrency has revolutionized the world of finance, offering decentralized and borderless transactions powered by blockchain technology. For newcomers to this space, navigating the complexities...

Bitcoin still has a scaling problem

At first, the Lightning Network seemed like a silver bullet for Bitcoin’s scalability issues.  The initial promise was alluring — faster transactions, lower fees and...

DCG calls NYAG, Genesis settlement agreement ‘subversive’

Digital Currency Group has filed an objection to the New York Attorney General’s settlement agreement with bankrupt crypto lender Genesis.  The New York AG’s office...

Funding Wrap: Y Combinator wants more stablecoin startups

The startup incubator Y Combinator issued its latest “request for startups,” listing 20 ideas it would “like to see more people working on.” Unsurprisingly, the...

Unveiling Privacy Coins and Blockchain Anonymity: A Comprehensive Exploration

In the evolving landscape of cryptocurrencies, the quest for privacy in transactions has given rise to a fascinating subset known as privacy-focused cryptocurrencies. Put...

Coinbase revenues surged to $954M in Q4 amid market rebound

Crypto exchange Coinbase benefitted from a market rebound during the fourth quarter, seeing its revenues rise 41% quarter over quarter to $954 million. The improved...

Crypto players skip Super Bowl ads, plot other marketing opportunities

After a handful of crypto firms spent big money on Super Bowl advertisements in 2022, fewer chose to do so in 2023. That number...

Decentralized Identity: The Future of Self-Sovereign Identity

In the rapidly evolving landscape of digital identity, decentralized solutions are gaining prominence, paving the way for the concept of self-sovereign identity (SSI) on...

Bitcoin hits $48k, S&P 500 posts record close

Stocks and cryptocurrencies were on the rise Friday even as the latest labor report showed a resilient market, a sign the Federal Reserve likely...

Interoperability in Blockchain: Bridging the Gap Between Chains

Blockchain technology, with its decentralized and trustless nature, has brought forth a myriad of innovations. Yet, the fragmented nature of the blockchain space poses...


US energy officials agree to ‘destroy’ all data from crypto mining survey

United States energy officials have reached an agreement with...

Binance’s woes in Nigeria continue to mount

Binance’s woes in Nigeria continue to mount.  There was confusion...

Cryptocurrency Mining: A Beginner’s Guide to Generating Digital Assets

Cryptocurrency mining is a process that allows individuals to...

Inside Web3War v3.0: Ranked Matches, Real Rewards, and Skill2Earn Dynamics

Roll1ng Thund3rz has unveiled the latest version of its...

Diversifying Your Cryptocurrency Portfolio: Strategies for Beginner Investors

Diversification is a fundamental principle of investment management that...
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