A Galactic Adventure: Inside Space Nation Online

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Immersive worlds, intricate narratives, and dynamic characters form the cornerstone of many memorable games. Space Nation Online, an upcoming release by Space Nation Inc., intends to take these elements to unexplored territories. The game is a fresh take on the massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) genre, driven by a sprawling space opera narrative that unfolds in the Telikos Cluster, a deep space frontier teeming with multispecies life.

Players of Space Nation Online will navigate this challenging landscape as starship captains. The game presents them with adventurous quests that involve combating pirates, exploring hazardous environments, and discovering hidden treasures and perplexing mysteries. There’s more to the game than combat and exploration; players can expand their fleet by acquiring and upgrading spacecraft, bringing in new crew members, and claiming unexplored planets.

The game allows a multi-faceted interaction model. Players can engage with rival factions, extract and trade valuable resources—realized as NFTs, and even participate in grand space battles that offer diverse gameplay, including player vs environment (PvE), player vs player (PvP), or guild vs. guild vs. environment (GvGvE) matches.

The Role of Immutable zkEVM in Space Nation Online

Building such a sophisticated game with unique tokenomics, NFT, and governance designs required a robust technological backbone. Space Nation Inc. turned to Immutable and its zkEVM technology to fulfil these requirements. Barry Hoffman, CMO and Head of Publishing of Space Nation explained the decision, stating, “Immutable zkEVM is our platform of choice for Space Nation Online, as it combines Ethereum security with EVM compatibility, scalability and cost-efficiency while also prioritizing ease of use for players who wish to fully embrace the in-game economy.”

By leveraging Immutable‘s technology, Space Nation Online seeks to establish stability and sustainability in the long run, offering a secure environment that supports in-game prosperity for players. This technology will ensure a frictionless trading experience for the players, a crucial aspect of the game’s design.

The Team and Funding Behind Space Nation Inc.

The creative force behind Space Nation Inc. is a quartet comprising game industry veterans Tony Tang and Jerome Wu, film director Roland Emmerich, and media entrepreneur Marco Weber. The team has recently unveiled an extensive IP strategy where the MMORPG Space Nation Online will be complemented by spin-off games, animated shorts, and a TV series.

The journey of Space Nation Online from conception to launch has been supported by an impressive $50 million investment. Notable investors include Chain Hill Capital, Foresight Ventures, Lighthouse Capital, SevenX Ventures, HashKey Capital, and Arcane Group. With such substantial backing, Space Nation Inc. has completed over three years of development and is looking forward to key milestones, including an alpha test of the game in August 2023, a functional closed beta in January 2024, and the open beta in May 2024.

Space Nation Online is yet another testament to the exciting and immersive possibilities of Web3 gaming, blending narrative, varied gameplay, and pioneering tokenomics, all made possible through the use of Immutable’s zkEVM technology. The team’s expertise and substantial funding showcases a potent commitment to reshaping the landscape of Web3 gaming.

A Galactic Adventure: Inside Space Nation Online is written by Isaac Chang for nftnewstoday.com

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