Electronic Arts Co-founder Jeff Burton Joins P2Earn as Chairman of Advisory Board

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P2Earn Inc, a company specializing in blockchain gaming solutions, recently revealed that Jeff Burton, co-founder of Electronic Arts (EA), has joined their advisory board as Chairman. Burton’s extensive gaming industry experience will be invaluable for P2Earn as the company gears up for the public launch of its Gaming Guild.

Burton’s Influence in the Gaming Industry

EA, a gaming industry powerhouse with a market cap of $35.1 billion as of April 14, 2023, has been the driving force behind popular game franchises like the PGA Tour series, Madden series, and Medal of Honor. Burton and P2Earn share a vision emphasizing the potential of gaming to encourage social mobility through profit-sharing derived from gameplay.

Upon accepting his role on P2Earn’s advisory board, Burton expressed enthusiasm about the Play-2-Earn gaming model, which he believes is preparing for mainstream adoption. He envisions a future where players can earn a portion of the profits through gameplay, and sees P2Earn’s unique Guild model as a key driver of change in the online gaming landscape.

P2Earn’s Expansion Plans Under Burton’s Leadership

Alex Lineton, CEO of P2Earn, welcomed Burton to the company and highlighted the value of his industry expertise and connections. Lineton also emphasized that the advisory board will continue to grow under Burton’s leadership, with the goal of bringing additional gaming experts on board.

P2Earn Inc, a publicly traded company, provides comprehensive solutions for the fast-evolving blockchain gaming and cryptocurrency sectors. The company operates an efficient Bitcoin mining operation powered by sustainable energy sources, while its blockchain gaming platform allows players to gain tangible value from their in-game achievements through unique digital assets (NFTs). P2Earn is committed to creating a sustainable blockchain gaming ecosystem and broadening the accessibility of Play-to-Earn gaming.

Electronic Arts Co-founder Jeff Burton Joins P2Earn as Chairman of Advisory Board is written by Mia Patel for nftnewstoday.com

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