Elixir Games Unveils Exclusive Web3 Game Titles

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Elixir Games recently disclosed a list of games that will be exclusively available on its Elixir Games Launcher. The platform aims to provide web3 games to players with the same accessibility as traditional gaming platforms. Among the exclusive titles are World Eternal Online, a sandbox MMORPG developed by Care Loop Games Inc. and backed by venture capital firm a16z. Cyber Titans, an esports auto-battler created by LitLab Games, and Elemental Raiders, a free-to-play, turn-based hero battler developed by Games for a Living and supported by Supercell, are also part of the lineup.

Notable Games and Collaborations

Several other games will also be available exclusively through the Elixir Games Launcher, including Chronos, a post-apocalyptic RPG; Mokens League, a real-time multiplayer soccer game; and No Way Back, a ninja battle royale game with action-packed battles. These titles span various blockchains, such as Solana, Polygon, Avalanche, Binance, Ethereum, and Sui, effectively omitting traditional game launchers like Steam and Apple’s App Store from the distribution network.

Carlos Roldan, Founder & CEO of Elixir Games, stated, “The Elixir-powered game launcher provides a one-stop solution for gamers, accessing a new wave of next-gen games powered by open economies and player-owned experiences.”

Mokens League

Industry Reactions and Company Background

Martin Repeto, Founder & CEO of Mokens League, commented, “As an exclusive game on their platform, we’ll set new standards and enhance the Mokens League Universe gaming experience.” Similarly, Muhammad El-Fiky, CEO of Alab Studio, praised the partnership, saying, “With Elixir’s seamless onboarding, introducing gamers to the web3 space has never been easier.”

Founded in 2018, U.S.-based Elixir Games has a distributed team spanning Europe, Asia, and the Americas. The company has remained at the forefront of blockchain-related game distribution, with its platform currently offering nearly 120 partnered PC games and full web2 and web3 integration.

The Elixir Games announcement signals a continued effort to bring web3 games to a broader audience, focusing on easy accessibility and diverse game offerings.

Elixir Games Partners with Square Enix and Gala Games

In April, Elixir Games joined forces with Square Enix to make a bigger impact in the field of Web3 gaming. Since launching in 2021, Elixir Platform has quickly become a leading distributor of traditional (web2) and blockchain-based (web3) desktop games, particularly after integrating with Epic Games.

As for their partnership with Gala Games, Elixir Games plans to operate a dedicated node in August to strengthen the Gala Games network. This is part of a long-term collaboration to enhance network security and sustainability. The goal is to offer players a more dependable and secure gaming environment.

Web3 gaming offers the chance to change the current gaming landscape significantly. It allows players more control over their in-game assets and experiences, paving the way for a fairer gaming environment. This shift could empower players with more ownership and decision-making ability in their gaming experiences.

Elixir Games Unveils Exclusive Web3 Game Titles is written by Gabriel Rodriguez for nftnewstoday.com

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