Galaxy Commanders: Interstellar Web3 Odyssey Empowered by Immutable

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Galaxy Commanders, an upcoming competitive web3-based game for mobile and PC, promises an immersive player-versus-player (PvP) environment featuring intense space battles and cooperative planetary conquests. The brainchild of seasoned gaming industry veterans from Electronic Arts, NCSoft, and Nexon, Galaxy Commanders offers players the chance to collect unique battleships to customize their fleet.

Each ship boasts unique visual aesthetics, specifications, and upgradeable skills. Furthermore, the game presents a myriad of additional upgrades, taking the form of fully ownable digital NFTs. Dimensium, the game’s main currency, is at the heart of this in-game economy, poised to provide a solid economic foundation and add tangible value for users through gameplay.

The collaborative partnership with Immutable, the leading web3 gaming platform, adds to the game’s uniqueness. This alliance sets the stage for the vision of an Interstellar odyssey to unfold via Immutable zkEVM.

Powering Galaxy Commanders with Immutable zkEVM

Immutable zkEVM, a cutting-edge Ethereum Layer-2 scaling solution, is purpose-built for game development. Galaxy Commanders’ association with Immutable will grant access to this next-gen technology.

Immutable zkEVM stands out due to its high compatibility with Ethereum projects and Polygon’s technology, ensuring increased transaction rates and low gas fees. It provides a smooth gaming experience designed specifically for gamers, including user-friendly onboarding and native gameplay.

Its potential for revenue protection and growth is immense, thanks to its status as the first EVM-compatible chain with enforceable royalty fees, tapping into an ecosystem of over a million players and $2 billion in-game investments. Additionally, Immutable zkEVM offers community security by ensuring transaction validity, scalability, and user fund protection through batch processing and ZK proofs.

Andrew Sorokovsky, VP of Global Business Development at Immutable, voiced his enthusiasm about the partnership. “Immutable zkEVM was developed from the ground up to tackle the most pressing issues in the web3 gaming industry, including scaling and user onboarding,” he said. “We are delighted to welcome MagmaByte, which touts decades of combined experience in AAA projects, to the Immutable family of games, and we can’t wait to see Galaxy Commanders develop and take flight.”

Source Galaxy Commanders

MagmaByte Team Behind Galaxy Commanders

Galaxy Commanders is developed by MagmaByte, a team of gaming industry professionals with 15-20 years of experience working with major studios and developers such as Nexon, Neowiz, EA, and NCSoft. The professionals at MagmaByte have left their mark on renowned projects across numerous genres, including action and RPG games and MMORPGs. Some noteworthy games include Nexon’s hit series MapleStory Mobile, which has amassed over 20 million users, I Love Coffee, and the massively popular action RPG Lost Ark, which peaked at 1.3 million concurrent players on Steam.

MagmaByte’s Founder, John Lee, voiced his excitement about the partnership with Immutable, “Our decision was guided by Immutable’s robust focus on gaming and the genuine passion that their team brings to the table. Together, we hope to push the boundaries of Web3 games, making them accessible and exciting for a more expansive gaming community.”

Future Prospects and Opportunities for Web3 Games

Immutable zkEVM will be instrumental in helping MagmaByte overcome the scalability challenges of Ethereum, providing higher transaction capacity and lower fees. MagmaByte sees Immutable zkEVM as the ideal solution for web3 game development, praising Immutable’s gaming-centric approach and commitment to making development and onboarding effortless and straightforward.

Further boosting this new partnership is the Immutable Passport wallet, a significant innovation in crypto gaming. It epitomizes user-friendliness with its easy fiat integration, crypto transactions, non-custodial control, and streamlined login process.

Galaxy Commanders is set to redefine the web3 gaming landscape. With its compelling gaming mechanics, innovative use of blockchain technology, and the strength of a dedicated and experienced team, the future of web3 gaming looks promising.

Galaxy Commanders: Interstellar Web3 Odyssey Empowered by Immutable is written by Isaac Chang for

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