Meet the Visionaries Who Created Loaded Lions: Mane City

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Have you heard about the new title making waves in the blockchain gaming scene over the past couple of months? “Pleasantly surprised” is an understatement when we saw how quickly Loaded Lions: Mane City garnered positive ratings and players from across the world.

As a quick recap, this game allows players to unleash their inner tycoon and be rewarded for showcasing their entrepreneurial wits and skills.

In the week following its release, the Loaded Lions: Mane City game swiftly rose to prominence, securing a position among the top five titles by volume, according to DappRadar. Furthermore, the game accrued an impressive player base of over 6,600 people since its launch.

This short article will raise the curtain on the Loaded Lions: Mane City game, the team of creators behind it, and its partners.

Key Features of Loaded Lions: Mane City

*Any and all values depicted in the photos and/or videos are for reference only. The values depicted simply serve as hypothetical examples of in-game rewards and currencies, and do not necessarily correspond to actual reward values granted under the rules of the game.

Loaded Lions: Mane City is a tycoon simulator title designed to provide an immersive virtual entrepreneurship experience. In this Web3 game, players can build and expand the city of their dreams, deck out their virtual mansion, and earn special prizes in the game’s Competitive Mode.

Here’s a quick rundown of the two game modes: Normal and Competitive.

Normal Mode is where the main Loaded Lions: Mane City gameplay experience is at. In both Normal and Competitive Mode, your Land NFTs will be invaluable. Each NFT grants you one additional plot of in-game land to build your city upon, and it passively generates Diamonds based on its rarity. Businesses built on the land’s open sites are a player’s core Gold source. Each Business can be upgraded using Gold and Diamonds, which boosts their Gold generation rate. When a Business reaches its maximum level, players can increase its Prestige, which adds a multiplier to its Gold generation rate. What’s more, your mansion and the furniture within aren’t just for aesthetic appeal. Every piece of furniture added and room unlocked goes toward increasing your level.

In Competitive Mode, players have a limited amount of time during each season to build a city from scratch and earn the most Gold in order to win a share of the US$100,000+ prize pool. You’ll have to skillfully optimise and strategise how to construct and develop your city to reach the top of the leaderboard, according to Loaded Lions: Mane City developers.

Special prizes are awarded to the top 1,000 players. The Team introduced the seasonal Competitive Mode to run alongside the timeless Normal Mode, allowing players to simultaneously manage both cities.

In addition, we’ve looked up ‘Loaded Lions’, ‘Cyber Cubs’, and ‘ Land’ NFTs and discovered that owning them will put players on the fast track to entrepreneurial success, as they grant invaluable bonuses in the game.

Find out more about the Loaded Lions: Mane City gameplay mechanics in the playbook.

The Team Behind Loaded Lions: Mane City

The Mane City Team

The Mane City Team is the driving force behind the game’s vision and development. The creation of Loaded Lions: Mane City game involved a strong collaboration between the Mane City Team and Stepico Games, with guidance and advisory from Cronos Labs and is the leading cryptocurrency platform, trusted by more than 80 million customers worldwide. It has set industry benchmarks in regulatory compliance, security, and privacy. aims to drive cryptocurrency adoption through innovation, enabling the upcoming wave of visionaries, entrepreneurs, and innovators to forge a fairer and more equitable digital ecosystem.

The ‘Loaded Lions’ is’s flagship NFT collection, launched in 2021 and paving the way for future drops. These include its companion collection, the ‘Cyber Cubs’, along with the ‘ Land – The First Frontier’ and ‘ Expedition Gear’ projects.

Loaded Lions: Mane City is a new chapter for the team in innovating and expanding their reach to improve their offerings to the larger Web3 community.

Stepico Games

Stepico Games is one of the Loaded Lions: Mane City developers, a game development company covering both the game’s tech side and art production. Stepico specialises in full-cycle game development, providing a complete spectrum of services using various technologies, from Unreal to Unity development, 2D to 3D game art, and more. 

Blockchain game development is one of the core services Stepico provides, with the trendy game MetaPopit highlighting their competence in this field. Other titles made by Stepico developers include Fishing Rival, Bigfoot, and Nile Valley. Their client list consists of high-profile companies like DreamWorks, Gameloft, Universal Studios, Immutable, and others.

“We started by developing the idea with the Mane City Team, then moved on to the pre-production stage, where we worked on the art style and game design, which led to the initial concept for the client. During the first month of working on Loaded Lions: Mane City, we prepared the game design documentation and made concepts of our art, which we then developed further throughout the project. At the production stage, we covered art and animation. Finally, we moved on to development on Unity,” says Andrii Titov, CEO of Stepico Games.

Built on Cronos

The Loaded Lions: Mane City game is built on Cronos, the leading Ethereum-compatible Layer-1 blockchain created with the Cosmos SDK. It is supported by more than 500 app developers and partners. Cronos aims to make it easy and safe for the next billion crypto users to make the leap to Web3, with a focus on decentralised applications in the DeFi, NFT, and GameFi verticals. Cronos can seamlessly interoperate with both the Ethereum and Cosmos ecosystems. It allows for the rapid porting of apps and smart contracts from Ethereum and other Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM)-compatible chains. 

Some of Cronos’s unique benefits include being energy efficient and carbon neutral. It also boasts low-priced transactions and an addressable user base of more than 80 million people worldwide. As for its suitability for blockchain games like Loaded Lions: Mane City, Cronos’s highly affordable transactions (averaging US$0.001 per transaction), fast finality, and high throughput (supporting 50 million transactions per day) make it an incredibly attractive choice for creators who require efficient transaction processing and real-time interactions in their gaming applications.

The Bottom Line

The Loaded Lions: Mane City game is a remarkable display of the combined expertise from its developers – the Mane City Team and Stepico Games, with Cronos Labs and as advisors. There is a host of exciting updates just around the corner, with improved gameplay and community features and the much anticipated Competitive Season. “Blockchain gaming is an important and developing aspect of the Web3 ecosystem, and we will continually build and support innovations to expand our reach and improve our offerings. We also aim to broaden the appeal of the ‘Loaded Lions’ IP, and Loaded Lions: Mane City is a prime example of our ongoing initiatives”, says Matt Wan, Head of NFT Marketplace & Digital Ventures at Loaded Lions: Mane City is definitely one Web3 game that you’ll need to keep your eyes on. 

Meet the Visionaries Who Created Loaded Lions: Mane City is written by Ethan Lee for

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