New Jungle Farm Campaign Announced As Part Of Collaboration Between Xtalnia & ApeSwap

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A new partnership between Xtalnia and ApeSwap has just been announced as part of the new ‘Jungle Farm’ campaign, much to the delight of supporters. Thanks to this partnership, users will be able to take part in exciting battles where they can fight to collect the most sought-after item in the game known as ‘XTAL’. In addition, Treasury Bills are also coming soon as per an official announcement.

What’s so special about Xtalnia?

In Xtalnia, each player starts with three characters and can add up to five more. Basic weapons are included, as well as a unique character, and there are two types of gameplay, namely PVP and PVE. Five weapon choices are available, namely the Sword, Spear, Mace, Staff, and Glaive (each category has individual pros and cons). Players would utilize their respective characters to fight monsters in different stages and earn in-game currency in the PVE mode. In PVP, players can compete with each other to earn in-game currency instead.

There are three types of tokens in Xtalnia: XTAL, dXTAL, and RSC. While the other two are useful, XTAL is a special crystal token and the most valuable as well as the most difficult to obtain in-game and is only given out on rare occasions through special events. A weapon requires XTAL to be created. XTAL additionally has a much higher value than RSC, and players can only get XTAL from PVP seasonal rewards, which are given to the top finishers (not more than 1,000 players). Higher ranked players will receive more XTAL than lower ranked players.

As part of the team’s efforts to cater to players on multiple platforms, the game is also available for download on PC, Android, and iOS compatible devices.

Why ApeSwap?

ApeSwap is a multichain DeFi Hub that provides everyone with an accessible, truthful, and safe experience. ApeSwap has the resources, community, and connections to support all types of decentralized finance needs, regardless of individual skill level of previously attained expertise. This month, ApeSwap celebrates its two year anniversary since being founded, and during that time the team has successfully introduced plenty of interesting aspects like the Bug Bounty Program, the Developer Grants, and even a podcast.

The aforementioned collaboration with Xtalnia is just the latest in a growing list of partners that ApeSwap has managed to gain, with notable names like Zebec, Coinflect, AVANA, and ApolloX having already worked with the platform. Moreover, not only does the platform have an abundance of useful tools like Yield Farms, Lending Network, Staking Pools, and the Treasury Bills, but the team has also often talked about how having the right values such as honesty, transparency, accessibility, and security are essential when it comes to ensuring long-term success.

With the new Xtalnia partnership, the ability to offer high quality services and features to users on a regular basis is maintained. To that end, the users can stake XTAL-BUSD LPs in order to earn XTAL, and there are various other options available in the Jungle Farms page as well alongside a helpful tutorial for anyone who needs it. Given the sheer popularity of both staking and multiplayer games in general (particularly those backed by blockchain technology), the collaboration would make sense as it looks to benefit all parties involved.

About Xtalnia

Developed by Bot and Life Co Ltd., Xtalnia is a multiplayer online blockchain game with a turn-based strategy element. Essentially, Bot and Life is known for its work as a reliable mobile gaming studio which has already added several mobile games to its growing portfolio, including Xtalnia. Moreover, XTAL is the main game token, but it is difficult to obtain within the game as it is exclusively given out on rare occasions via special events.

In terms of past accomplishments, Xtalnia has launched their marketplace, the dApp beta version, IDO, staking rewards, audited the smart contracts, and released dApp V.2.0. Also, the token audit has already been successfully carried out with Hashex, according to which the audited contract is indeed an ERC20 token made with standard OpenZeppelin templates. More importantly, no problems of any severity were discovered and the reviewed contract follows the best practices associated with the development of smart contracts.

In the future, XTAL may be awarded for additional reasons such as guild wars or world bosses. Furthermore, Xtalnia’s partnership with ApeSwap is being promoted on the latter’s homepage cards on their website, whereupon being clicked, users will be redirected to the swap page where they can trade BNB for XTAL. Finally, XTAL may be awarded in guild wars, from world bosses, or through other means.

For more information and regular updates, visit Bot and life’s official website alongside the Twitter, Discord, YouTube, and Telegram channels. Lastly, be sure to check out important details about the team as well as the roadmap to get an idea of what’s in store going forward.

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