Oxya Origin – a Cultural Movement Reshaping the Gaming Industry

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Oxya Origin is a third-person shooter (TPS) game built on Immutable X. It is both free-to-play and play-and-earn. The team is developing an immersive gamified experience set in a dystopian galaxy colonized by three planets and nine factions. 

This epic gaming adventure will be home to single and multiplayer game modes, quests, dungeons, battle royale tournaments, and user-generated social experiences. The ultimate vision is to be a Web3 social hub for the masses, governed and owned by the community, where gamers, traders, and creators socialize and co-create.

That said, many blockchain games suffer from unengaging gameplays, pay-to-win schemes, and unsustainable tokenomics. 

So, how will Oxya Origin bring its vision to life? 

Oxya Origin’s gameplay is rooted in timeless gaming principles

To begin with, instead of inventing a new game genre, the project team implements a Roguelike and Battle Royale and integrates time-tested shooter game modes. 

Second, the “guest” version will be entirely free – there’s no need to purchase Oxya Origin Avatar NFTs – and will offer the opportunity to transition into the play-and-earn mode by allowing the best players to earn Avatars and other rewards. 

Oxya Origin Avatars are known as Oxyans. In order to avoid pay-to-win schemes, Oxyans won’t equip owners with unfair gameplay advantages. Their primary effect is to determine reward amounts in various game modes. 

Game Modes

Oxya Origin is designed to satisfy players with various gaming preferences. To do this, the game’s developers have created distinct game modes, including:


Inspired by classic games such as Warframe and Returnal, Oxya Origin will release a 3rd person re-playable Roguelite TPS. In this mode, gamers play as an Oxyan who traverses an unpredictable dungeon, battling unending hoards of vicious monsters that drop tokens upon their death. 

All game modes are created on the state-of-the-art Unreal Engine 5. Unreal Engine 5 is crafted to give game developers the most modern technology enabling them to develop realistic visuals and unparalleled gaming experiences.

Oxya Origin Battle Royale

In 2024, Oxya Origin plans to launch its Battle Royale mode which will feature the same gameplay as the PvE Roguelite game mode. Hugely popular games such as Fortnite and PUBG have made Battle Royale games leaders in the gaming industry and Oxya Origin aims to emulate their success. 

Oxya Origin’s Battle Royale takes place on Genesis, the central and deserted planet of the Gates of Oxya. As well as a SOLO and SQUAD mode, the Battle Royale includes 2 different prize pool structures. Players will need to stake a certain amount of ETH to fuel the prize pools. 

For more information about game modes and more, check out their whitepaper

Linear growth strategy for sustainable game development

For a sustainable game economy, rewards must not solely rely on accelerating the acquisition of new gamers. The team focuses on linear growth, where newcomers are continuously attracted by the free-to-play guest mode while ensuring engaging play-and-earn game modes for existing players, so they come back to play. 

To this end, Oxya Origin deploys a dual-token model, where one of the tokens is a utility token with an unlimited supply, and the second token functions as a governance token with capped supply. 

Lands where players can passively collect raw materials and use their utility by placing and using buildings

In the OXYA ecosystem, LKRA is the in-game utility token. Game rewards are also distributed in LKRA. Although it has no supply cap, the game mechanics incorporate multiple burning paths to sustain its value. For instance, players will spend it to craft in-game assets, access exclusive game modes, and carry out peer-to-peer transactions inside the game, causing the supply of LKRA to decrease.

The second token, OXYA, is the governance token with a total supply of 750,00,000. OXYA holders can stake OXYA to earn yields paid in LKRA and OXYA and are able to vote on proposals. The vault’s fund will be used to buy back OXYA from DEXes to sustain the token’s value.

Virtual landowners will onboard new players

Oxya Origin landowners will play a central role in the burning mechanisms by farming resources on lands and crafting game assets. 

They’ll also have the power to craft Avatar substitutes that new gamers can use in the PvE mode – a strategy supporting the team’s vision of increasing the fraction of early adopters who come back to play the game.

Oxya Origin
Crafting new assets

Creating a scalable and interoperable social hub through partnerships

Scalability and interoperability are crucial to the integration and growth of blockchain gaming. Part of Oxya Origin’s vision has been to address these issues.

Scalable and interoperable operations with Immutable

Onboarding masses to a Web3 hub requires a scalable game ecosystem. In most Ethereum-based games, users need to pay high transaction costs when they trade in-game items because the network can’t deal with the high demand.

That’s why Oxya Origin collaborates with Immutable X, an Ethereum layer-2 solution reputable for gas-free minting. As a result, Oxya Origin players won’t have to pay high fees for peer-to-peer transactions and minting NFT assets. 

Virtual experiences with corporation integrations

Oxya Origin’s partners will be able to create social experiences, such as hosting live events. Furthermore, users that own many land plots – corporations – will have the opportunity to be integrated into the game’s storyline or create mini-games and shops.

Join the waitlist for the Oxya Origin beta test

The Oxya Origin community has over 202K Discord and 90K Twitter members. It’s one of the most awaited blockchain games. You can join the waitlist for the beta test here

Oxya Origin – a Cultural Movement Reshaping the Gaming Industry is written by Nagi An for nftnewstoday.com

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