a16z Accelerator to Boost 40 Gaming Startups with $750K Each

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Venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz, widely known as a16z, is now at the forefront of gaming innovation with its latest accelerator program, ‘SPEEDRUN’. 

Through this initiative, forty startups in web3, AI, and VR gaming will receive $750,000 each from a $30 million capital pool to boost their stance in the gaming realm. 

By carefully selecting only the most promising ventures, a16z ensures that only top-tier projects join its ecosystem, which impressively includes the likes of Roblox, The Sandbox, and Sky Mavis.

Source: a16z

A Fast Track to Success 

SPEEDRUN aims to expedite the deployment of its $30 million investment fund, setting an ambitious target of completing the process within 45 days.

The accelerator program will reach its climax at Demo Day, a key feature of SF Tech Week, which will take place in Los Angeles from July 29 to October 20.

During this event, participants will have the unique opportunity to showcase their innovative products to potential investors, offering unparalleled exposure and engagement.

Still, this initiative offers gaming startups more than financial aid and visibility; it includes industry insights, mentorship, and entry into a dynamic founders’ community.

Gaming innovators interested can now apply to join SPEEDRUN on the official a16z website until May 19.

a16z Accelerator to Boost 40 Gaming Startups with $750K Each is written by Edited by Leah A for nftplazas.com

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