BMW Motorrad Unveils MetaRide Virtual Reality Experience

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BMW Motorrad has introduced MetaRide, a digital brand space where motorcycle enthusiasts can immerse themselves in a virtual reality experience. With MetaRide, users can ride and explore the new BMW CE 02, an electric vehicle designed for urban environments, in the form of avatars. 

This innovative platform also serves as a meeting place for fans and the BMW Motorrad brand, providing a virtual environment that closely replicates the real world.

BMW Motorrad MetaRide

One of the main highlights of MetaRide is the opportunity for users to take virtual test rides with the BMW CE 02. By embodying avatars, enthusiasts can experience the thrill of riding this cutting-edge electric motorcycle.

But MetaRide is not just about riding. It offers a range of engaging activities for users, such as playing virtual basketball, collecting tokens, and even earning stylish jackets for their avatars. BMW Motorrad has plans to expand the platform to include other products in the future, providing a comprehensive digital experience for motorcycle enthusiasts.

The recent world premiere of the BMW CE 02 was a unique event that seamlessly blended the virtual and real worlds. The unveiling took place partly in the BMW Motorrad MetaRide and also during the Pure&Crafted Festival held in Berlin. 

This interaction between the virtual and physical worlds created a truly immersive and dynamic experience for attendees. Access to the BMW Motorrad MetaRide platform is available through the BMW Motorrad website, the brand’s social media channels, or directly via the Spatial Metaverse platform.

Experience the BMW CE 02 Virtually

What sets MetaRide apart is BMW’s commitment to protecting its virtual products. Just like their physical counterparts, the virtual BMW Motorrad products showcased in MetaRide are safeguarded against imitation. BMW AG has extended its trademark protection to cover its activities in the metaverse, ensuring that virtual goods, including virtual vehicles and clothing, are protected from unauthorized use and imitation.

With the launch of MetaRide, BMW Motorrad has created a captivating virtual reality experience for motorcycle enthusiasts. This platform not only allows users to test ride the BMW CE 02 but also provides a space to engage with the BMW Motorrad community and explore the future of urban mobility. 

By embracing virtual reality and the metaverse, BMW Motorrad is at the forefront of innovation, offering an immersive and interactive experience that reflects the brand’s passion for motorcycles and cutting-edge technology.

BMW Motorrad Unveils MetaRide Virtual Reality Experience is written by Seamus O Connor for

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