BYTE CITY Present a Unique Metaverse Tribute to Bruce Lee’s Legacy

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BYTE CITY, a next-generation social gaming platform centered on digital collectibles, is preparing an immersive tribute to martial arts legend Bruce Lee. Backed by Cordell Broadus, BYTE CITY is a social network focusing on nurturing communities and fostering a vibrant digital culture. Their approach combines social interaction and gaming in a unique environment, offering an innovative space where brands can cultivate a dedicated fan base and foster community engagement.

Bruce Lee in BYTE CITY

Bruce Lee’s enduring influence is evident throughout the global video game industry. Yet, his collaboration with BYTE CITY marks a historic moment: his first-ever appearance in a metaverse. This immersion into the digital universe comes at a poignant time, aligning with the 50th anniversary of Bruce Lee’s passing on July 20th, 2023.

To honor this martial arts icon, BYTE CITY is curating an exclusive event, immersing Bruce Lee’s global community in an interactive digital experience. All well-wishes and tributes to the legend will be eternally minted on the blockchain.


Cordell Broadus, son of the legendary musician Snoop Dogg and serving as Chief Culture Officer at BYTE CITY, shared, “Bruce Lee is a global icon who continues to inspire generations with his philosophy and art. Bridging the gap between brands and the communities they inspire is at the core of BYTE CITY. This collaboration not only celebrates his legacy but also creates an immersive social experience for his fans. We’re excited to welcome Bruce Lee into BYTE CITY.”

Celebrating Bruce Lee’s Legacy

In the dynamic digital sphere, BYTE CITY emerges as a unique platform encouraging flourishing community interactions. Co-Founder and CEO, Roy Liu, paints a vibrant picture of its accessibility and engagement: “In an ever-evolving digital landscape, the call for a hub where communities can interact and flourish has never been louder. That’s where BYTE CITY comes in – it’s accessible, engaging, and caters to the unique needs of diverse digital communities. Our mission is to provide a space where interaction is not just possible but also enjoyable, with multiple avenues for communication at our users’ fingertips.”

Shannon Lee, Bruce Lee’s daughter, echoed this enthusiasm, stating, “BYTE CITY offers a unique platform to celebrate my father’s legacy. This event will provide the Bruce Lee community with an immersive experience, allowing them to connect with each other and pay tribute to my father in a special way. It is a beautiful way to honor his memory and keep his spirit alive.”

All are invited to participate in this unique digital experience commemorating the 50th anniversary of Bruce Lee’s passing. By creating a convergence of social gaming, digital collectibles, and community interaction, BYTE CITY highlights the potential of such platforms to engage communities. The initiative underscores the role of innovative technology in bringing communities together and signals the beginning of BYTE CITY’s future collaborations.

BYTE CITY Present a Unique Metaverse Tribute to Bruce Lee’s Legacy is written by Ethan Lee for

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