Jack Daniels Launches AR NFT Campaign

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Jack Daniels and Yahoo Creative Studios have teamed up to create an exciting NFT campaign in Australia, incorporating augmented reality (AR), collectible music from Australian local bands, gift vouchers, and even a trip to a Jack Daniels distillery. The AR experience, reminiscent of Pokemon Go, invites users to explore their local areas to find AR crates filled with rewards.

When users discover an AR crate, they receive a digital collectible stored in a custom digital wallet created by Jack Daniels. These collectibles unlock exclusive content, including behind-the-scenes videos, songs, and album details. The campaign showcases music from Australian bands Winston Surfshirt, Stand Atlantic, and Psychedelic Porn Crumpets.

Users can mint the collectibles on the Polygon blockchain and transfer them to the OpenSea NFT marketplace. Joe Cocker, director of innovation and creative studios for Yahoo ANZ, shared that the campaign aims to revive the excitement of physical music releases. With 2,000 tracks up for grabs, the collaboration hopes to forge a more personal connection to the music for younger generations.

The partnership between Yahoo Creative Studios and Jack Daniels emerged from an open pitching process involving over 15 agencies. Dimitra Tasopoulos, senior brand manager for the Jack Daniels Family of Brands, explained that the brief sought to push boundaries and explore innovative ideas. Yahoo’s winning pitch focused on crafting a fun, age-restricted game for consumers aged 21-29.

Jack Daniels Web3- AR Campaign Strategy

“I remember when bands released music and people lined up to buy it. They could see the cover art and open it to see the lyrics. That’s something the younger generation doesn’t have the pleasure of discovering.” Because things feel a little less personal when you’re streaming the song instead of owning it,” said Dimitra Tasopoulos. The Game will engage users with mobile formats, Yahoo-owned brands, and TikTok. Digital out-of-home advertising will be pivotal in driving consumer interaction with the campaign. Strategically placed QR codes on billboards can help draw users into the game, ultimately encouraging them to interact with brands in the real world.

Spanning five national cities across Australia, the campaign will target high-traffic, high-visitor areas near music venues and nightlife hotspots. Tasopoulos emphasized the importance of including diverse locations rather than solely focusing on trendier neighborhoods. By placing drops in areas where people frequent live music and nightlife venues, the campaign aspires to reach a broad audience.

Though it remains to be seen if the campaign achieves the same impact as Pokemon Go, Jack Daniels and Yahoo Creative Studios hope the combination of music, whiskey, and exclusive rewards will captivate consumers. With the opportunity to win a trip to Tennessee or other valuable prizes, this groundbreaking campaign is set to create a buzz in Web3 and AR experiences.

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