Metaventure Cafes: Upland and Nowhere Unite

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Upland, a leading web3 Metaverse SuperApp, and Nowhere, a virtual gathering platform designed to transform digital socialization, have entered a partnership. This collaboration aims to materialize the innovative concept of ‘Cafes,’ thereby taking a substantial step towards fulfilling Upland’s vision of becoming the largest and most active metaverse hub.

Upland has already carved a niche for itself in the metaverse, providing a platform for users, creators, developers, and brands to create games, commodities, and experiences. This collaboration with Nowhere facilitates immersive spaces for players to socialize, present, play games, and display their 3D avatars without exiting the Upland ecosystem.

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The Function and Experience of Metaventure Cafes

With the integration of Nowhere’s platform, users will now have a new avenue to engage and monetize within Upland – the Metaventure Cafes. These social spaces are location-based, promising a richer user experience.

Upland’s Co-Founder and Co-CEO, Idan Zuckerman, enthusiastically shared his thoughts on this development, “Cafes are an exciting milestone in our vision to empower communities to easily socialize and share experiences with each other in Upland. With this innovation, we are solidifying our position as a metaverse leader by deepening the opportunities that our communities and brand partners have to offer full 3D immersion, and Cafes are just the beginning.”

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Building the Future of the Metaverse

What separates Cafes in Upland is that they are established on properties geographically connected to the real-world Upland map. Users can appreciate views of their local in-game streets, neighborhoods, and cities, replete with structures, map assets, structural ornaments, and cars.

Entering Cafes with their avatars, Upland community members can express themselves using digital wearables sourced from a diverse library, which includes designs from Upland’s numerous brand partners.

Sharing his excitement about the venture, NOWHERE’s Co-Founder and CEO, Jon Morris, commented, “We’re thrilled to bring our technology to Upland. It marks a milestone for the metaverse — you’re hanging out with people from all over the world inside an immersive cafe, looking out on a player-generated virtual city mapped to the real world. We hope this will strengthen the community and look forward to the exciting opportunities which grow from this partnership.”

With NOWHERE’s advanced 3D technology at their disposal, players will soon have the capacity to construct, personalize, and operate their own global Metaventures. The combination of Upland’s virtual real estate game and NOWHERE’s visually striking virtual world platform positions Upland and NOWHERE to become the most active web3 metaverse globally.

The burgeoning metaverse is changing our interaction with and perception of the digital world. The partnership between Upland and Nowhere exemplifies the transformative potential of immersive 3D experiences. The team invites all Uplanders to engage with its novel ‘Cafe’ feature via its iOS and Android mobile apps and on the web.

Metaventure Cafes: Upland and Nowhere Unite is written by Isaac Chang for

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