Moonbirds Blast Off on the Space Blue Mission to the Moon

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Night dwelling NFT PFP collection, Moonbirds, has announced grand plans to take its artwork into the great unknown. This November, 254 ‘Space Helmet’ trait tokens will join Space Blue and blast off on a mission to the Moon.

Marking the 50th anniversary of NASA’s last trip to the mighty silver orb, the team will once again head to the lunar surface. This time around, hitching a ride with Space X on its trusty Falcon 9 rocket ship, and bringing with it, a very special payload.

Jetting off on November 15, the formidable craft will take charge of delivering the ‘Lunarprise Mission’ to the Moon. This will represent a range of culturally significant artworks, featuring 222 different creators, and covering a wide range of mediums such at music, entertainment, art, and of course NFTs.

Astro Moonbirds Join the Space Blue Lunaprise Mission

254 Astro Moonbirds (those with a space helmet) will take their place among this amazing ark of historic items. Art appreciation platform, Space Blue, will then preserve every piece in the Lunarprise Mission on indestructible nickel plates, and send them all to the moon! However, the platform will also maintain earth-bound duplicates of the items, so that enthusiasts can observe them from the comfort of the planet they live on.

In addition to the honor of representing the Moonbirds in space, 50 lucky Astro holders will also receive an invite to the launch party and black-tie dinner at the Kennedy Space Center. While, a further contingent of holders will also receive a commemorative bomber jacket featuring a special Lunarprise Mission patch.

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