Saudi Ministry of Culture and droppGroup Launch ‘Cultural Universe’

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The Saudi Ministry of Culture, in collaboration with droppGroup and Oracle, has announced the launch of the ‘Cultural Universe‘, a government-operated national Metaverse initiative for exploring Saudi culture and heritage. Powered by droppGroup’s Generative Media Intelligence (GMI) AI system, droppPhygital, and Oracle’s Hyperledger Fabric 2.5 blockchain technology, this initiative went live on February 22nd, aligning with Saudi Arabia’s National Founding Day 2024. 

Source Cultural Universe

Launched to coincide with Founding Day 2024, the Cultural Universe platform offers users a digital counterpart to the day’s ‘in real life’ celebrations, providing a digital exploration of Saudi Arabia’s rich history beginning in 1727. It features attractions such as a History Walk and dedicated sectors for Saudi music, art, history, food, crafts, and mini video games. 

For example, you can explore Saudi cuisine ingredients and cooking methods in the Culinary section. As for the games, climb the trees and collect as many dates as possible within the time given. Points are awarded for the total number of dates gathered.

Furthermore, the Performance Center on the platform will also stream live events, including the Founding Day Beginning Symphony, making these cultural festivities accessible to a wider audience.

Source Cultural Universe

Expanding Access to Saudi Culture

Offering a digital twin of Saudi Arabia’s historical and cultural celebrations, Cultural Universe supports Vision 2030’s dedication to advancing technology and maintaining cultural values. With droppGroup’s integration of advanced technology into cultural storytelling, they aim to craft experiences that blend real and digital elements, paving the way for making advanced technologies accessible to all. 

The Cultural Universe is accessible as a web-based experience compatible with Mobile XR, ensuring users can explore the metaverse across various devices, including VR headsets and desktops. This approach emphasizes the Ministry of Culture‘s emphasis on inclusivity, allowing people worldwide to discover and interact with Saudi Arabia’s cultural heritage.

Moreover, during the Founding Day celebrations, users from Saudi Arabia and around the world participated in the Metaverse events in unprecedented numbers, indicating a notable change in cultural participation. The Saudi Ministry of Culture regards this as an important jump into a new era of cultural expression and activity.

Overall, this project aims not just for technological advancement but a broader cultural change, seeking to establish a worldwide community where historical traditions and modern advances are in harmony.

Saudi Ministry of Culture and droppGroup Launch ‘Cultural Universe’ is written by David Andrews for

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