Siemens and MIT Tech Review Probe ‘The Emergent Industrial Metaverse’

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MIT Technology Review and Siemens AG unveiled a joint venture focusing on the rise of the Metaverse in the industrial sector. The cornerstone of this partnership is an editorially independent research report by MIT Technology Review Insights titled “The Emergent Industrial Metaverse.

Aimed at people who make tech choices, the report looks closely at how the industrial Metaverse began and studies its main parts. These include use cases, challenges, opportunities, and their influence on businesses. Furthermore, MIT Technology Review Insights also spoke with many experts to create useful ideas and ways for companies to succeed in the industrial metaverse.

Source MIT Technology Review Insights

Collaboration for an Industrial Metaverse

The MIT report delves into how the industrial metaverse will integrate the digital and physical realms, revolutionising industries. At the heart of this transformation lies the digital twin, a fundamental building block of the metaverse.

Annika Hauptvogel, Head of Strategy for Technology and Innovation Management at Siemens, asserts, “Collaboration and openness must underpin every digitalization strategy moving forward.”

Michael Grieves, Executive Director of the Digital Twin Institute, proposes that by concentrating on a well-defined goal, like reducing waste or speeding up product development cycles, companies can establish “an understanding of what’s real, what’s not real, and what’s hype.”

Source MIT Technology Review Insights

The Industrial Metaverse and Its Impact

On March 30, MIT Technology Review will showcase these strategies and more during a special live-streamed session featuring Grieves and Peter Körte, CTO and Chief Strategy Officer of Siemens.

Together, they will offer vital insights into factors shaping the industrial Metaverse and its anticipated effects, and how, when, and where to join the movement. Additionally, they will discuss measuring success in an era of digitally addressing real-world challenges.

Join the conversation on March 30 with MIT Technology Review and Siemens as they provide thought leader perspectives that distinguish facts from fiction, helping organisations embark on their own Metaverse journey.

Siemens and MIT Tech Review Probe ‘The Emergent Industrial Metaverse’ is written by Jane Kelly for

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