Soho Studio Labs ‘First Love’ James Rizzi Collection

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As the world’s biggest celebration of love makes its annual serenade to the masses, one of the most prolific ‘Pop Artists’ of modern times has made his way onto the blockchain. This Valentine’s Day, the vibrant master of bold lines and color, James Rizzi, has re-engaged with the mortal world in the technicolor ‘First Love’ NFT collection.

The incredible collection has arrived courtesy of Hamburg based Web3 team, Soho Studio Labs, and debuted via a dual drop on both the company’s local website, and the OpenSea NFT marketplace. As such, fans of Pop Art and NFTs can bolster their collections with one of 142 artworks, as of Valentine’s Day 2023. However, due to limited supply, those with an eye for fine art must act fast to get in on the action.

A Valentine’s Gift of Vibrant Color

The fantastical myriad of collectibles features a range of images base on Rizzi’s trademark designs. Each including a pair of lovestruck characters based on the artists famous ‘Faces’ project, where Rizzi looked to capture the individual personalities of New York City. Each item then set to the backdrop of one of his intensely colored and highly coveted Pop Art paintings.

Through the drop, Soho Studio Labs has launched 2 distinct collections of 71 artworks each. The first has arrived as a set of highly polished NFTs which fans can acquire using a digital wallet and cryptocurrency for 0.75 ETH apiece. Meanwhile, a partnered collection of old school physical prints has also debuted via the Soho Studio Labs website, purchasable via PayPal or advance payment.

Join the ‘First Love’ drop on OpenSea >> Here

Brightening up the Web3 World one Drop at a Time

Soho Studio Labs has emerged as a champion of contemporary art, looking to bring a new suite of Web3 tools into the digital space. For the James Rizzi drop, the platform has acquired an exclusive worldwide license to use the artists images, working with the late master’s family to ensure its stays true to his principles.

Following the ‘First Love’ drop, Soho Studio Labs will prepare the second collection in the series. As such, ‘Crazy Faces’ will continue James Rizzi’s unique exposition of the good folk of New York. Bringing with it, a vivacious injection of style and color that aims to dazzle the senses in a way that only James Rizzi knew how.

In addition, Soho Studio Labs will also expand the James Rizzi experience to include an immersive Metaverse experience. Essentially, recreating Pop Art legend’s own amazing design studio in a mesmerizing 3D immersive environment. Therefore, allowing art fans to experience the exceptional talent in a way never previously possible.

Find out more about Soho Studio Labs’ James Rizzi NFTs >> Here

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