NFT AirDrops will be released by Game Space for Steam Users

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On July 25, Game Space, the industry’s first “GameFi-as-a-Service” (GaaS) platform, announced that it will host an NFT AirDrop event for “one billion Steam players,” with the goal of rewarding its users’ attention and interest.

Users must download the Game Space Wallet Application, log in and bind their Steam account on the homepage, and then click to claim the reward to gain access to the new offerings. The user’s Steam account registration time is the most important reference factor for the AirDrops. The Game Space Wallet Application is currently available on the international App Store and Google Play.

All Steam users will receive an exclusive Game Space badge that cannot be resold. Steam users who have been registered for less than a year are eligible for a bronze badge. Users who have been registered on Steam for one to two years will receive a bronze badge and a Level 1 Merge Bird NFT. Users who have been registered on Steam for two to three years will receive a silver badge and a Level 2 Merge Bird NFT. Finally, Steam users who have been registered for more than three years will be awarded a Gold badge as well as a Level 3 Merge Bird NFT.

Game Space may introduce new utilities for badge holders in the following phase with 100,000 matchmaking trades of GameFi NFTs accumulated, such as being whitelisted for upcoming new game releases, being eligible to join subscription and invitation games, airdrop tokens, and more. The official Game Space community has currently begun warm-up activities related to airdrops.

Game Space aspires to integrate Steam with its GaaS platform and establish itself as the starting point for gamers exploring the Web3 space. The open Web3 world is accessible to every traditional gamer without restrictions thanks to the freedom of switching between applications across various platforms.

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