Goblintown Team Doxxed: Their True Identities Are Weirder Than Expected

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The team behind Goblintown, one of the most recently hyped NFT projects, have finally doxxed themselves. Apparently, a group called “Truth Labs” is behind the project. Previously, the team has launched NFT collections like the ‘IlluminatiNFT’ and ‘The 187’. Naturally, the reveal received mixed reactions from the NFT Twitter community. So let’s dive in: Who is the doxxed team behind Goblintown?

The Goblintown team has doxxed themselves.

Who is the Team Behind Goblintown?

Yesterday, June 14, the Goblintown town team doxxed themselves by releasing a video on Twitter. Through the text overlay video, the team said that while they dreaded doxxing themselves, they have come to a stage were not doxxing would be “irresponsible”. 

According to Truth Labs, the team behind Goblintown, they are a “collective of creators working in the web3 space”. They added that they are “dedicated to sharing delightful blockchain mischief, exploring creatively, developing rich, fun worlds and experiences, and providing a platform for new voices and visions in this space.” 

Soon after the reveal, NFT Twitter was flooded with reactions from the community. Popular NFT influencer, Andrew Wang, for instance, wrote, “goblintown founders doxxed and turns out they’re the guys from my nba fantasy league. only in web3.”

What’s Next for Goblintown?

In the nearly four-minute video, the Goblintown team also shared the upcoming updates of the project. For one, they reiterated that the project will never have a roadmap or a Discord server. Instead, Goblintown belongs to the community, who will build the project.  

Furthermore, the team announced that the remaining 1,000 Goblins are set aside for the members of the IlluminatiNFT and The 187 projects. Members of the IlluminatiDAO and several others who helped launch the project are also eligible to mint the Goblins. Finally, the project will drop merch after the upcoming NFT.NYC event.

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