Top 10 Most Valuable Celebrity NFT Portfolios in March

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Check out which celebs added value to their portfolio, and which dropped out of the ranking

Gary Vee still leads the pack of most valuable celebrity NFT portfolios in March, gaining more than $19 million in valuation in the past 30 days. Following closely is runner up Snoop Dogg with his Medici Vault, which boosted its valuation by more than $1.6 million in March.

Interestingly, this month’s list sees LaMelo Ball return to the spotlight with 29 new NFTs and a valuation increase of more than $240,000. Additionally, the ranking welcomes newcomer Justin Bieber who tacked on more than $280,000 in NFT value to his portfolio in March. A curious note here is that the popular singer ties with Beeple, as both celebs have about $1 million in NFTs in their wallets. However, Bieber has more than double the number of NFTs, showing that quality can often trump quantity in the NFT space. 

The top five of the list remain unchanged. Steve Aoki manages to keep his position from last month despite losing over half a million dollars on his NFT portfolio valuation. Still, the DJ added and received hundreds of new collectibles in the past thirty days, which helped him limit the losses. 

Continue reading to find out the full list of the most valuable celebrity NFT portfolios in March. 

An important note here is that celebrities attract a lot of attention to their wallets and receive thousands of NFTs as gifts. We have manually sifted through all of these celebrity wallets to bring readers a more filtered view. For that to happen, we’ve excluded NFTs that are gifted to these wallets. Consider this if you see discrepancies between this list and the values displayed on the DappRadar Portfolio Tracker. 

10 Most Valuable Celebrity NFT Portfolios in February

Bored Apes boost celebrity wallet value

As one of the most-traded blue-chip collections in the NFT space, Bored Ape Yacht Club appears in the majority of celebrity NFT portfolios. Not only that, the project is also the most often used onboarding purchase, which starts VIPs on their NFT journey. 

Yuga Labs had one of its most successful months to date this March, which reflected positively on the valuation of the company’s collections. With the launch of the APE token, BAYC saw a floor price increase reaching over 100 ETH. This price hike also affected the rarer BAYC NFTs, which gained thousands of dollars in valuation. 

For example, Marshmello’s most valuable NFT is no longer his Punk #8274, but Bored Ape #9231. Not to mention that six of the ten most expensive NFTs in celebrity wallets belong to the BAYC collection. 

March also welcomed two new celebs to the BAYC family. Dillon Francis and Madonna both entered the NFT space with a BAYC purchase. This has become somewhat of a norm for VIPs, as Bored Apes continue pushing for innovation and mainstream recognition. 

DappRadar will continue monitoring the most valuable celebrity NFT portfolios, bringing you a rich list every month. If you want to check out more VIP NFT wallets, check out the official celebrity wallets page. Additionally, you can follow DappRadar on Twitter to get the latest celeb NFT news first. 

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