Top 10 Most Valuable Celebrity NFT Portfolios in October

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Which celebrities had the most valuable portfolio this month?

Graphics artist Beeple climbs the charts, DJ Marshmello enters with a bang, while Snoop Dogg remains the undisputed number 1 in this month’s list of most valuable celebrity NFT portfolios. All celebrities on the list have invested in CryptoPunks, making this NFT collection one of the hottest ones on the market.

The verified list of celebrity NFT portfolios DappRadar tracks has seen quite the development over the past month. With more than twenty wallets now on the list, the monthly review of the top 10 most valuable celebrity NFT portfolios is becoming a tight race. 

In this month’s edition, we have two new entries and several significant shifts around the positions. Snoop Dogg remains the leader with more than $24.9 million worth of NFTs in his wallet. This represents an impressive bump of more than $6 million compared to September. Still, Snoop’s most valuable NFT remains CryptoPunk #3831. He used this NFT to announce himself as the real person behind the Cozomo de’ Medici collection

Interesting new entries to this month’s list are DJ Marshmello, who owns NFTs worth upwards of $780.000. In addition, there’s notorious investor and entrepreneur Jordan Belfort with a portfolio worth $412.000. Check out the complete list of the most valuable celebrity NFT portfolios below. 

An important note here is that celebrities attract a lot of attention to their wallets and receive thousands of NFTs as gifts. We have manually sifted through all of these celebrity wallets to bring readers a more filtered view. For that to happen, we’ve excluded NFTs that are gifted to these wallets. Consider this if you see discrepancies between this list and the values displayed on the DappRadar Portfolio Tracker. 

Top 10 most valuable celebrity NFT portfolios in October

Emerging patterns

The analysis of the most valuable celebrity NFT portfolios for October brings up several interesting patterns. Nine out of ten of these wallets have a CryptoPunk or a Bored Ape Yacht Club as the most expensive NFT in the whole portfolio. Beeple is the only celebrity straying from the pattern with his CHAOS #42 Carnage NFT

Another important thing to note is that the overall value of the whole list is rising. While last month the wallet at last place contained NFTs worth $143.000, this month we see LaMello Ball and his portfolio worth more than $366.000. That’s a steep increase. Additionally, most of the celebrity wallets have seen significant bumps in valuation too. While LaMello Ball dropped four places in the ranking, the value of his portfolio rose by close to $50.000. 

Snoop Dogg is leading the charge with more than $6 million in value added to his portfolio. Beeple is also doing great, climbing three spots with more than $450.000 in NFTs added to his wallet. Of course, not everyone on the list managed to boost their portfolio value. Mark Cuban, who dropped two places in the ranking, has seen his wallet value shrink by more than $75.000. Serena Williams, for example, did not buy or sell any NFTs. However, the value of her portfolio grew organically by more than $17.000. Still, this was not enough to keep her at last month’s fifth place, and she dropped two spots in the ranking. 

Interestingly, October’s list of most valuable celebrity NFT wallets also indicated that more VIPs not part of the music or sports industries are joining the space. While last month we saw musicians and professional sports players dominate the list, in October, more entrepreneurs and investors are joining in. 

DappRadar will continue monitoring celebrity wallets as more of them embrace NFT culture and make the jump into the space. If you want to check out more celebrity wallets, visit our official Crypto Hollywood page. Additionally, you can follow DappRadar on Twitter and Discord to get the latest updates on who did what in the NFT space. 

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